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Version 0.99.21 beta Released - Sun, 1 May 2011

Some fixes and improvements. Most important is that the detailed information in the sources was not all appearing. Now it does. The full list of changes are on the Behold History page.

But this is the first part of the final leg. I’m working hard on the User Guide for Behold, which was previously called the Help Document. I’ve updated all the content that was in the Welcome to Behold, Quick Start, and Tutorial sections. There are new screenshots, and I reviewed all the text and updated everything to match what the current version does.

Left to do is the How To and Reference sections. The Reference section will also be hooked up to Behold’s to become its context-sensitive help file - meaning when you hit the F1 key or press a Help button, it will then take you to the associated page of the Reference section. Once this is done (and fixup of any errors found along the way) then Version 1.0 will be released. (Yahoo!!)

Also, the entire User Guide has now been added to the Behold website. The top and bottom menus on every page have been modified to include a “?”, which is the link to the User Guide.

The best page in the User Guide as far as I’m concerned is:
The 7 Most Important Things You Need To Know About Genealogy
Check it out!

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