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Had To Try It - Wed, 23 Jun 2010

I’ve been using StackOverflow for almost a year and a half. It’s a tremendous tool for me as a programmer. Whenever I have a programming problem that I can’t find a simple solution to myself or via a 10 minute Google search, I post my question there, and other programmers step up to answer my question. Then more programmers rate the answers and the best ones float to the top. Amazingly, many of my questions start getting answers within minutes and I often have my solution within a day.

So when the fine people who created StackOverflow offered to create other Q&A forums with the same technology and addictability, I couldn’t resist and had to propose a site for Genealogy Software and the Internet. But they won’t set it up until the proposal gathers enough interest. Several hundred people will have to get involved before it would go live.

The only way for it to get going is if (1) people are interested, and (2) people pass it on. I sent the message to a few people who may publicize it, but we’ll have to wait and see if it draws enough critical mass. There is another proposal for a general Genealogy Q&A site proposed by Dean of Genlighten, but I wanted something a bit more specific.

If it doesn’t work out, I won’t worry about it. I do need to concentrate on Behold.

Meanwhile with Behold, I’ve been quiet on this blog for the past two weeks because I got stuck with a problem in handling recursive links. I think I’ve solved that now and should implement the solution in the next few days and soonafter issue another beta release.

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