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Not a Good Beta - Sun, 16 May 2010

The last beta release was not a good beta. I don’t mean that in terms of what I added to it. I’ve made a lot of fixes and improvements.

But it’s not a good beta because I added a bad bug. It seems that all the Source references don’t display correctly any more. I hadn’t noticed that before I released it. I was shocked when I encountered it yesterday.

I found the cause. It was one single statement that was outside an “ELSE” statement rather than in it. It was hard to find but very simple to fix.

I’ll update a new beta in a few days. It will have this fix and several others that are fixes of bugs that were reported to me.

I’d put this fix up right away, but I want one or two days to see if I can first solve a special problem. Tamura Jones was looking at the newest beta and liked the new log file. But Behold failed to open one of Tamura’s GEDCOMs. I haven’t yet been able to exactly replicate that problem and I’ve tried over 50 of my GEDCOM collection. I’ll try more to hopefully make that failure happen and eliminate it. Tamura’s GEDCOM is a large one and seems to work up to a point and then Behold starts filling the logfile up with incorrect messages. I’m guessing that it may be at the 4 MB buffering point and the current record location is not being transferred properly. I’m sure when it comes down to it, the fix will be changing just one or two lines in the program.

Times like this, I’m glad Behold is still in beta. Even though that’s an excuse, I really hate to cause problems for people trying to use Behold. I’ll get this fixed and a new release out ASAP.

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