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Sunday, March 2, 2003 - Sun, 2 Mar 2003

A busy week with family stuff. Not too much time for Behold.

Back on the computer, the Trojan Horse came up one more time. I eradicated it again and came up with some clues about it, but nothing for certain. I had Ad-aware version 6.0 and played again with it and compared it to Spybot, both freeware programs that look for malicious cookies and trojans. Ad-aware seemed to catch more types of spyware than Spybot, but each found some the other didn’t. Neither detected any trojans nor had the MusicSearch in their databases.

My family said Corel Print House was not working from the CD. Seems that started when I installed the new hard drive. The CD-Rom used to be drive D, but now become drive E. Print House is an older program and I guess it had the CD Rom drive letter hard coded into its configuration file. Reinstalled it and that was fixed.

Next, Windows Media Player always seems to “hang” when trying to start it from a web link. Searched around and it seems that it could be that my Video driver needs updating. Went to NVidia’s website and downloaded the new driver. Installed it. I won’t go into the problems I had, but suffice it to say that I spent about 4 hours trying to get the new driver to work. It wouldn’t. I had to go back to the old driver. Computers are so frustrating sometimes.

Found a new site with an online program called Ged-it that will analyze any online GEDCOM. What was most interesting for me was their “Samples” page, which has links to dozens of online GEDCOMs that people have analyzed. They were created from many different programs and vary widely from one to another. They will be great for final testing of Behold. I have several sources like this of GEDCOMs for my testing, which will be starting soon as I go on to finalize my Everything Report.

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