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Exception-ally Bad - Sun, 20 Dec 2009

I’m almost completed all the bug fixes. There is one more that involves TRichView and scrolling up with the arrow key. When you reach that horizontal line in the Everything Report, it gives an exception.

There’s really only about 8 lines that are needed to get this working. I’ve just been trying hard to find those 8 lines, because they involve saving the selection and then restoring it. It’s easy in most of TRichView, but that horizontal line is a RichView Table, and I just haven’t been able to get that working. So I’ve got a question into Sergey on his Support Forums but I’ll have to wait until he gets back from holidays (Dec 27) before he can help me solve this.

Speaking of exceptions, a couple of people have complained about the exception handling that I added into the current beta. It causes problems interacting with their email system trying to set up an email to post back to me with the error.

That information has been tremendously beneficial to me. In about 4 bug reports, it led me directly to the source of the bug and saved me many hours of work. But I do admit that it is very intrusive and I don’t think I would like having a software product that tries to start my email program. So I’m going to work to simplify it considerably, and make it friendly and useful.

Basically, I’m going to have the box come up and just tell you the error that occurred (e.g. “Division by zero”) and the routine and line number where it thinks it happened. Then it will ask you to email that info to me to help me improve Behold.

I may decide to store that error in your Behold registry info, so that it can differentiate between the new errors and the ones that you’ve had before, and it can give you a count and ask you to email the info if it hasn’t happened before. When you upgrade to a new version, it will wipe out that registry info, because presumably those problems will have been fixed in Behold.

Then on my Future Plans page, I’ll list the errors, routines and lines where these exceptions have been reported. And I’ll mark them off as I get through them.

That’s what I’d call going from Exception-ally Bad to Exception-al.

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