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So It Goes - Sun, 29 Nov 2009

I almost got the beta out today. But it was my change to a new computer six months ago that did me in.

I finished up and compiled the package. Then I had to make the install script. Whoops. I didn’t have it. Had to download InnoSetup and install it. Then I had to set up all my links again because everything on my new computer is in different directories. One very hidden setting prevented InnoSetup from working for me and it was an hour until I found that and fixed it.

So once I got the install set up, I had to test it. I installed the new version of Behold, and tested it. The welcome screen came up fine. Closed that. My Good Ideas box pops up. Close that and an exception occurs crashing Behold. What happened? I actually hadn’t tested my Good Ideas box since before I upgraded Delphi, and I had unchecked the option back then. Here was a new install and it appeared by default. But it was hooked into the old version of LMDTools, before I upgraded to their 2009 version. So it abended. Getting it linked back again wasn’t easy and that took another hour.

Then I noticed that the hyperlinks in the Good Ideas weren’t working. Actually, they may never have been working. This was obviously an easy thing to fix. But it ended up taking me 2 hours to fix it.

Despite all that, I still would have got the beta out today. But then it came to the code signing. I had to download and install Microsoft’s software development kit (oh, what a pain) and then get my old certificates and put them on my new machine. With that done, I attempt the signing and … it doesn’t work. I now have a ticket in with Comodo to help me get the code signing going again.

I suppose I can get the beta out without the code signing, but I might as well wait until tomorrow to see if I get an easy fix from Comodo.


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