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Windows Logo Blues - Thu, 22 Oct 2009

I really wanted Behold to be able to get certified for the Windows Logo. I tried when Vista came around. But Microsoft frustrated me in my attempt.

I’ve been thinking about trying again for Windows 7. But I encountered a very eye-opening post about it at Successful Software, a blog by Andy Brice that I follow.

Andy writes why he won’t be bothering with the Windows 7 logo program. He did get certified for Windows Vista, but said when I asked, that he did not feel it was of any benefit at all. The bottom line is I found out that I wasn’t the only one finding that process difficult.

Scott K. says it well in the comments to the post: “I really can’t imagine any customer caring if you have some “Compatible with Windows 7″ logo. If you tell them it works (without the logo) I think they’ll believe you.”

What I will do is ensure Behold works and works well under all of XP, Vista and 7. And it will be code-signed guaranteeing you authenticity. I think those are what’s most important.

But until Microsoft makes the obstacle course a little less unattainable, then it’s not worth the setback in development time to get one more certification.

An aside: If you haven’t seen it, check out the Revenge of the GEDCOM monster merchandise for Halloween. Very cute.

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