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1 Down, 4 To Go - Tue, 20 Oct 2009

Finished reimplementing Instant Organize. There were two tricky parts.

First, when you right-click, the cursor needs to detect where you are in the document. This used to be done by what were called Checkpoints in RichView. I had previously set Checkpoints up throughout the document. But now the entire document is not loaded at once, and I needed to keep track of locations in the program but outside of RichView. So it was a matter of hooking up to these new locations, rather than Checkpoints.

Second was the Instant Organize history that is saved. This used to save the IDs and names of the individuals for each of the last 10 IO’s that was performed. The new locations were now both individuals and families, so changes were required here.

Instant Organize is one of the very unique functions of Behold. I don’t know of any other genealogy programs that can allow you in one click to quickly create all the family tree and all information about and ONLY about an individual or a couple.

This only took a few days to do. Next number two.

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