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Windows Live Writer and Pro Photo Tools - Thu, 30 Apr 2009

Instead of using the online Word Press admin area to write this blog entry, I’m doing it from my computer using another free Windows Live feature: Windows Live Writer.

It is not necessarily a tool I will continue to use, but let me say I’m very impressed with what Microsoft has done. It gives the ability easily edit, preview and work seamlessly with Word Press from a really nicely set-up interface. I’m impressed!

There are other hidden gems in the Windows Live packages. I mentioned Windows Live Photo Gallery earlier – which is free – and which is definitely, absolutely, positively replacing Adobe Photoshop Elements on my new computer, which I haven’t even bothered to install.

Genealogists need to Tag their photos. That was the one thing I thought Elements did well. Photo Gallery seemed to do some of it. Placing tags in the photos, it gives you a nice tree view by date taken, people tags and descriptive tags. What seemed to be missing was location data (the jargon words GPS and Geotagging) and a connection to showing picture locations on a map. But no, look a little further and you’ll find Pro Photo Tools, another free Microsoft download that will add all the features anyone short of a professional photographer might need.

I’m impressed. Very impressed.

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