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Version alpha Released - Sun, 4 Jan 2009

I’m running out of version numbers. I really am. A number like is getting a bit ridiculous. The fact of the matter is I never expected my alpha development would have lasted so long. Just when I thought I was almost there, another bunch of changes I deemed necessary or outside delays would get me. The latest was my switching webhosts, which took a couple of weeks.

But last year, I pledged to fast-track Behold as much as I could. I wanted to get the beta out, and then Version 1.0 out. That was going along well until Embarcadero released Delphi 2009 with Unicode, and I just had to jump for that.

My conversion of Behold to Delphi 2009 is pretty well done, but that led to discovery of really major speed improvements which I am now (except for the aforementioned 2 week delay) in the midst of. But as of tomorrow, it is back to working on these and getting Behold’s beta out as soon as I can.

I know there are a few roadblocks ahead. The Richview optimization will not be easy and will require some ingenuity. But I’ll do what I can. Hopefully I can replicate all the functionality that the 0.98.9.ad-infinitum version has.

The new version just released is exactly the same as the old. It was still a Delphi 4 compiled version. It does not have any of the Delphi 2009 niceties in it yet.

People who have purchased Behold don’t need to upgrade. But if you have just downloaded Behold as a trial, your trial will expire tomorrow, and you’ll have to upgrade if you want to continue trying it.

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