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Back to a table format - Wed, 5 Nov 2008

Some of you may remember back to Version 0.98.6 of Behold (August 2006). The Everything Report had a slightly different look. People were listed in a table. The first column contained the person’s ID number, and then there was one column for each generation. The table had subtle thin lines, that I thought looked very nice, to separate the people. The best part of this was that you could instantly see what generation someone belonged to, and it was easy to trace up to their parents or down to their siblings.

But TRichView did not handle tables very well then. A large cell in a table could not print, and caused navigation problems on the screen. So in Version 0.98.7 (November 2006), I removed the tables and put in the current display of indenting people by generation with horizontal lines between them.

I don’t like the current display and never did. It’s hard to see the structure of the families with it.

What I was always hoping to do was to connect the people with lines, and my latest idea of maybe moving to a treeview would have accomplished that. However, I’ve decided now to stay with TRichView and just optimize it instead. The good thing is that most of the problems with tables are now fixed in the latest version of TRichView. So as of yesterday, I’ve now reimplemented the tables appearance of the Everything Report. I like it much better. I think most people will as well.

It also allows the possibility of adding a few controls in the left columns (maybe little arrows) that will be able to take you to your parents, grandparents or sibling.

The numbering is back in as well in the left column of the table. I had some comments in the past not to include the numbering. And I did at one time have a button to hide the numbers. But the numbering is necessary to find your way around if you print the document and is also useful to help you identify where you are or which family you are in. For now I’m going to leave it and in the future I’ll possibly add more numbering options.

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