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Dreaming Up Chandler - Sun, 12 Oct 2008

I’ve had a book for awhile that I purchased and until now didn’t get a chance to read. I started reading it this week. It’s called “Dreaming in Code” by Scott Rosenberg. It’s the story of an innovative software project called Chandler and the trials and effort involved in its development. I like to read these things. It helps me formulate ideas and motivate me more towards Behold.

I’ve only read a few chapters so far, and I had gathered from all this that it was a project that never completed, and this was the story as to why.

Yesterday I received my weekly PCworld mailing that had an article on the 25 Best Business Software Tools and Web Services. It took me completely by surprise to see that Chandler was listed.

Chandler is alive and well and is available free for download and online. I’ve been looking for years for a good ToDo list / Organizer, and I must have checked out 2 dozen different programs for that, but nothing has suited my fancy that I stuck with. I bet my frustrations have been the same ones that the developers of Chandler have had.

I downloaded Chandler and I’ll try it out. It is to organizing software, what Behold is to genealogical software.

Now I’ll have to finish the book and finish Behold.

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