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New Roadmap - Fri, 3 Oct 2008

I love the word “roadmap” when it refers to a software development plan.

I’ve now updated Behold’s Future Plans page, and you’ll again be seeing me check off the items as I do them and use my little programmer icon to indicate what I’m currently working on.

I have a few items to finish off and then I’ll get out one last alpha release, hopefully this month.

I’ll follow that with my upgrade to Delphi 2009 and attempts to improve how Behold works at its core. I want to limit my time on that and try to get the beta out in January. This is the work that I had earlier planned for version 1.1, but now I’ll be doing it prior to going beta. That will allow the beta testing phase to verify thoroughly that all this new code is working.

One feature I had promised that is being delayed yet again is merging people with the same AFNs (Ancestral File Numbers). While revising the future plans, I realized that this work is best done along with Virtual Merging, so it is now slated for Version 1.5. I apologise yet again, since it is now over two years ago since I said I’d implement it. But it will happen eventually. Thanks Max, for being very patient with this one.

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