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GenSoftReviews - Wed, 24 Sep 2008

It’s up! It really only took about 3 weeks, so that’s not too much time out of Behold’s schedule, but I’ve been wanting to change my Genealogy Software links page into an interactive review site for a long time.

I’ve redirected my Genealogy Software Links page there, and I’ve sent out Press Releases to a number of key sites. Now I need to just wait until people start using it.

I’m a bit disappointed that in the first 4 hours, there haven’t been any reviews yet. I really thought there would be a few quite quickly.

So if you’re reading this, please go over to my new GenSoftReviews site at: www.gensoftreviews.com and add your rating and review to all the programs you’ve used or tried.

But for now, please DO NOT review Behold. I have an unfair advantage by telling all of you about the site before other software authors tell their supporters. I think it would look bad this early on with that site if Behold gets a lot of reviews so early. If you remember, you can come back in a few months and do it then.

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1. geneasofts (geneasofts)
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Posted: Thu, 25 Sep 2008  Permalink

Congratulations Louis!

I have posted an announcement in my blog at http://genealogyblog.geneanet.org/index.php/post/2008/09/GenSoftReviews-Site-Launched.html


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