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Final Web Page Up plus a Surprise Project - Wed, 10 Sep 2008

I’ve finished the new Behold Download page, so now all the Behold site webpages are now at beholdgenealogy. The download page was trickiest because I had to change all the scripts to PHP and convert the Access database to mySQL. There’s still a few tweaks left (like getting it all to look the same in IE6), but it’s effectively done.

Now the website is made from HTML, CSS, PHP and mySQL. This means I am no longer limited to a Windows host, but can go to Unix if the need requires. However, staying on Windows for now is advantageous, since I have duplicated the site on my own machine (with an installed Webserver, PHP, mySQL and phpMyAdmin) and can develop and test without affecting the actual site. I also have my own machine as a complete backup of my online site, in case a disaster takes place at the host.

After 11 years online, this brief hiatus from Behold has allowed me to modernize to the new website technologies that have started taking off. This includes PHP, mySQL, WordPress and bbPress. Their community is exploding and I now am up to speed with them.

There is still one thing to finish off. Over the last three weeks, I’ve also been finishing up a project I’ve wanted for a long time. It’s a replacement for my Genealogy Software Links page and will become a Genealogy Software Review site, which will allow you to add your ratings and reviews of the genealogy programs you have used. I’m looking forward to making that basically a user-driven site, so that I can see what everyone likes and doesn’t like in their programs, and that knowledge will help the future direction of Behold.

Expect the new site up probably this weekend. I’ll announce it here on this blog, and also send out some press releases to some of the genealogy mavens.

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