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Version alpha - Mon, 12 May 2008

Nothing at all new in this version. I had to get it up because all non-purchased versions expire today and require upgrading.

For the past two years, I have code-signed both the program and the install file. That ensures that the code has been untampered with since I created it so no third-party has added any bad stuff to it.

My code signing license ran out a few weeks ago, so I had to renew it. If you get one from VeriSign, it costs $499 per year. There are a few other companies, and the one I chose is Comodo who charge $180 per year.

But what I found out is that the Tucows Developers Network offers the Comodo digital certificate at $80 per year, or 3 years for $195. Obviously, this time I went for the latter choice. It is exactly the same certificate, but at 65% off!!

Now, personally that burned me. I felt ripped off that I had paid $180 last year when I could have paid $80. Why would any company let another company sell their product for that much less than they sell it themselves? Do they feel good about hiding the fact that you can buy their product for less elsewhere. Why when you’re purchasing from their site don’t they say: “Wait! You can save $$$ by not buying this from us. Go to …”

With Behold, I’ll never allow others to sell for less. I want you to always know that you’ve got the best deal available when you bought it, and you saved money by buying it before the price increases of future versions.

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