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To Upgrade or not to Upgrade: that is the Question - Wed, 7 May 2008

I spent many painstaking hours setting up this blog under WordPress version 2.3.3. While I was developing it, version 2.5 of WordPress had come out, but I couldn’t upgrade at that time because my Newsletter plugin (which I haven’t finished implementing yet) wasn’t compatible.

So when I made this new blog live a few weeks ago, the Newsletter became compatible. Now I have the decision of whether or not to upgrade now.

My dilemna is that I’ve heavily customized the login routines for the blog. Oh the pain … I have to somehow get those working again with the new version, or I can install the new version and use the default login routines, or I can stick with the old 2.3.3 version that works.

The moral of the story is if you want to make upgrades easy, don’t customize.

Decisions, decisions. I’ll spend a little bit of time and see how much I can get working quickly. I’ve still got the rest of the site, the forum, the newsletter, the purchase page, and the download scripts to redo before the entire new site is live.

Meanwhile, the current version of Behold has only 6 days left before it expires, so I’ll have to release a new version quickly. It won’t have any changes at all, since I’ve been stuck on this new site stuff. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t have changed my site at this time. I’d have continued with Behold.

My leadership course was really good. After I described it to my daughters, they said it sounded like summer camp. It was a great week off and it gave me a chance to recharge.

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