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First Blog Problem - Not emailing - Tue, 22 Apr 2008

Well, I discovered a major problem. Somehow the PHP Wordpress code is not emailing when it needs to. That means that noone can register or get their lost password sent to them until I fix this.

Those of you who have registered on my old forum can login and post comments using your old userid and password, like Dave did on yesterday’s post, but nobudy new will be able to.

I’m not really sure what the problem is, so it will take a bit of detective work.


Update (2 hours later)

Phew! I found the problem. I was sure that the SMTP Host name I had to set up was my outgoing SMTP server name: mail.beholdgenealogy.com. But no, all I had to do was change that setting to: localhost and the emails started flowing.

The roundabout way of finding such the solution is always interesting to me. In this case, I found another SMTP plugin for Wordpress and was going to try it instead of the one I was using. Looking through its PHP code, I saw a comment on its “host” parameter that said: “If localhost doesn’t work for you, check with your host for the SMTP hostname”. That prompted me to try using “localhost”.

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