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Two Things Learned - Wed, 23 Jan 2008

3 great days in Nashville. 2 lousy days in airports. But it was a great getaway.

After taking the listing I had of that side of the family, I realized a couple of things:

(1) The research I have done and questioning of older ancestors many years ago was quite comprehensive. There was not much our relatives were able to add to that. I guess that’s both good and bad.

(2) It is hard in the Behold listing to easily find siblings in the same generation when they are far from each other because of their descendants intervening. There is not much indentation for generation levels, and there’s nothing on the paper that can help you find the next sibling.

That latter point is something I have thought about for awhile. My original concept was to draw lines on the left margin to connect parents with their children. But implementing that was non-trivial, especially when I wanted it to appear the same when printed and when exported to HTML or RTF. But I think I will want to try to implement that before beta if I can.

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