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Family Research Web Page Generated by Behold - Mon, 3 Dec 2007

It took about 20 hours of my time to go through 6 years of my correspondence with my 6 discovered relatives on my Focsaner side from Romania, and custom build a GEDCOM file using Behold as my guiding tool.

This was a great dry run of what entering data in Behold will be like, except that I couldn’t enter the data directly into the Everything Report, but typed it into a GEDCOM instead. The painful part was manually entering the ID numbers and the parent/child spouse/family GEDCOM links, but Behold’s problem list helped me easily fix my incorrect entries.

I am now certain that data entry in Behold will be amazing. I entered data on 117 people and I was diligent in included 173 sources for that data. (The way I decided to organize my sources is the story for a future blog post.) I estimate this would have taken me only about 5 hours if Behold version 2.0 was available.

I’ll let you see the result at: www.lkessler.com/focsaner.htm. Our group and our researcher in Romania will all be using this page as our reference point for the information we have, and I’ll update it as we gather more info.

I also found a half-dozen little things not working in the html output (e.g. some links, sorting, etc) that I will be able to fix, and then I’ll work on the display of pictures, using that page as the test case.

So I’m killing two birds with one stone: furthering development of Behold while also making some genealogical progress on one of my family lines. This couldn’t be more exciting!

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