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Sunday, August 19, 2007 - Sun, 19 Aug 2007

Setting up the Options page was easy. But setting it up to make it obvious, user friendly, and easy to use was another matter.

I really didn’t want to get into adding options until after Version 1.0 was released, but the separation of GEDCOM tags from “other stuff” is necessary right now.

I spent the last week trying out various ideas. What I ended up doing was calling the page: “Report” because all the settings on it relate to the Everything Report. Rather than custom building the page at this time, since I’m sure I’ll be changing items as I go, I’ve used a treeview where you can select the options. The treeview has three parts:

  1. Contents - so you can select which sections of the Everything Report to include and what to name them.
  2. Extra Info - listing some extra information generated by Behold you may want to include, such as Generation number, or AutoOrg relevance.
  3. Text to Display - which lists some of the phrases used within the Everything Report, so you can change them if you want. Eventually all the phrases will be included. This will allow the Everything Report to be displayed in any language, and all I will need are volunteers to translate all the phrases (and also the Tag text). The idea is that I will make these available as Behold files for each language that will be downloadable from the Behold website.

I’ll also be adding a needed Title and a Footer, both customizable, to the Everything Report.

So the hard part really was figuring out how to best set this up. I think it’s good enough for the Version 1 release this way. A few more days and I should have this completed.

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