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Wednesday, July 18, 2007 - Wed, 18 Jul 2007

Jennifer Jackson, who writes the Jacksbox4you Genealogy Blog, just posted a very nice review of Behold. In fact this is Behold’s very first independent review.

Up to now, I haven’t been actively pursuing publicity for Behold. I have just quietly been working on it, trying to get it past alpha into beta. I’ve been allowing anyone who has happened upon my site and the program to download it, discover it, hopefully get excited about the new ideas it presents, and purchase it for life at a special pre-release price. But I’ll never turn down anyone’s interest in posting something about it. If my traffic volume increases, it will only motivate me more to work harder and faster.

So those of you who are reading this are an early bird. You’ve found out about Behold before anyone else. I’ll be sending out a few “press releases” when I get to beta testing. But it won’t be until version 1.0 comes out, hopefully by the end of the year, before I start advertising Behold.

Jennifer also commented in an e-mail to me that when organizing by surname, the female surnames are melded into the male surnames if there is not a father of the female listed. This got me thinking about the purpose of the Surname organization. Originally I thought it would be for people doing a surname study, but really anyone might want to use it for a different perspective of their family. And it’s difficult to use it if the surname of your great grandmother doesn’t appear in the list.

All the Surname Organize is doing is taking the descendant sections of the Everything Report and grouping them by ancestral surname instead of by family. I think the solution here might be to simply add the female surname alongside the male surname in the list. I’ll add this to Behold’s future plans for the next release.

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