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Saturday, December 9, 2006 - Sat, 9 Dec 2006

Earlier this week, I finished up the Find Files tool. I think it works quite nicely now.

Next was to do something with how Families are added. I wasn’t happy with the way that worked. You either right clicked on a person in the Everything Report and select Show Family or press on the Show Family toolbar item. It would place the person or people as the first families and then regenerate the Everything Report. If you wanted to add multiple families, you would have to regenerate the report every time. Also there was no longer a way from the Organize Pages to add the families directly. The Add Family button would simply give an info box that would tell you to do it from the Everything Report.

So I decided it best to change the Show Families function to be an “Add Family” function that would simply add it to the Families Organize page. I’m also changing the Related Through Marriage and Everyone Else buttons, so that they would only update the Families Organize page as well. Then to get this all to work, I’ve add a “Refresh” button, which would do what the “Apply” button on the Organize Pages does and rebuild the Everything Report. On the Families Page itself, the “Add …” button would bring up a Window that would contain the Name Index, where specific names can be added.

This now adds a bit of logic to the 2nd row of toolbar icons. First come the ones from the View menu. Then come the ones that reorganize in some way and rebuild the Everything Report immediately. Following that are icons that change the families to view and to refresh the Report.

On Thursday morning, I was at a Microsoft presentation about its upcoming Vista operating system. In that, one presenter used the word “automagically“. What a great word! I think I’ll incorporate it on my Behold web pages to refer to the way the Everything Report is generated.

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