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Monday, September 25, 2006 - Mon, 25 Sep 2006

So I’ve now moved the hyperlinks that were on the people’s IDs onto the people’s names. A few notes regarding this:

(1) The name is much longer than the ID was. That puts a lot more blue underlined text on the screen. The Table of Contents without the IDs is now completely blue and underlined. I’ll have to look at this for a while to see if I can get used to it, because my first impression is that it seems a bit busy.

(2) That’s a lot of blue to print. I may have to include an option to not print in color, since some people may not want to go through so much blue ink.

(3) I now should probably reformat lists of people so that they will be separated by commas. The IDs no longer are there to separate them.

(4) Without the IDs in the Index of Names, it looks a little empty with one person per line. But I might use that space in the future to allow for other information as desired (e.g. birth and death dates, places, spouse, children, etc), so that you’ll be able to differentiate between twenty different John Smiths.

(5) Finally, without the IDs, we are losing an indicator of which GEDCOM or Family or Surname we currently are looking at. I thought it was useful to have that, especially in a large file. What I could do is add some special tags to display where you are, or I could display where you are in the status line, or I can have it appear when you hover over something. Haven’t decided yet.

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