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Monday, May 22, 2006 - Mon, 22 May 2006

The sample files Max sent me to help work on the AFN tags feature were very interesting. He sent me a Behold file that loaded 15 small GEDCOM files. I’ve never tested Behold with this type of input and it shows up a few problems that I’ve already started fixing.

First the Behold file wouldn’t work because the GEDCOM paths in it were those on Max’s computer. I’ve changed Behold so that if the GEDCOM paths are not valid, then it will look in the directory the Behold file is in, the last directory a GEDCOM was loaded from, and if it is still not found, then it will prompt you to locate it. Once one is located, if the others are in the same directory, then they’ll all be found as well without additional prompting.

Then I see that Auto Organize does not find the primary person in some of the small GEDCOM files. I’ll fix that.

Also, when multiple GEDCOMs are loaded, the default display is first by GEDCOM. It might be better to default it to the usual Family order - but I’ll have to think about that one. Maybe that will become an option in Version 1.1.

I also need to patch up the links that I was in the middle of finishing off. I’ll make sure their basics work again so that I can get this version out as soon as I finish the AFN tags and the other few things I wanted to.

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