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Monday, December 19, 2005 - Mon, 19 Dec 2005

Yet another side study this weekend. My website’s log file grows too quickly due to my site’s traffic so I need to download it every few days. I wanted to see what bandwidth my site is using to determine whether 30 GB a month would be a severe limitation.

My own custom log analysis programs I developed do a good enough job, but they would need to be rewritten to get the usage info from the web logs that I wanted. So I looked around the web for web server log file analyzer programs.

To my surprise, they reminded me of genealogy programs - there are about 100 of them, most are commercial or shareware programs, and the real shocker: they all basicly follow the same model and look the same, feel the same, but each has its own little features that it advertises. They are more expensive than genealogy programs, running from $50 up to $300+. I tried a few and got the info I wanted, but couldn’t justify the expense at this time, since none of them seemed to give the 2-way tables I need. If I wasn’t writing Behold, I might take a stab at it … but no. I’ve got to stop getting diverted. Behold! Behold! Behold! There - that’s better.

I did start getting back into the next changes. So I’m back to where I was over a month ago, trying to completely finish off and clean up the Everything Report. I’ve fixed a small bug that Dirk reported, and now I’ve begun working through the things on my Future Plans list.

One other little thing I discovered that was of interest, at least to me: Type “Behold” into a Google search, and my site comes up 4th out of 13,800,000 results. It’s 2nd on Yahoo, and 1st on Alltheweb and also 1st on MSN ahead of millions of other sites.

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