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Thursday, August 18, 2005 - Thu, 18 Aug 2005

I had a good couple of days and got quite a way through the new features I needed to add for the next alpha release:

I added the hyperlinking to a person’s parents. This is for spouses and other people whose parents may be elsewhere in the report. This will help to navigate easily, especially when used in conjunction with the Forward/Back function.

I added a link from the main section titles (e.g. “Relatives of Nnnnn”) to the person it references who may be embedded quite a way down the report. This happens because Auto Organize starts with all the person’s ancestors and works its way in a natural manner through all the person’s relatives. If that person is the youngest child of the youngest child, then this link will make it much easier to get there quickly.

Behold will now indicate which Notes, Objects, Repositories and Sources are unreferenced. I’m sure everyone has at one time have entered some source information but never got around to linking any events to it. This feature will identify this “orphan” information for you. The “Everyone Else” option must be selected so that all people are included and all references will be checked. Behold only lists notes, objects, repositories and sources for the files and families you select. That gives you a concise report with only the information you need.

Any notes and objects that are only referenced once will be placed inline in the Everything Report which is where they will be most useful. Notes and objects referenced more than once will be left in their own reference section. This will save paper, especially for any note that is referred to many times.

I probably wrote 5,000 lines of code, changing and deleting 4,000 of them in order to get the 1,000 lines I now have that implement these four features. That’s the way programming works!

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