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Monday, December 23, 2002 - Mon, 23 Dec 2002

The process of reinstalling the new version of Richview takes a bit of patience. First, download the new package. Make a copy of the old package source code. Extract the new package. Now I have three routines that I have customized: CRVData includes code for my progress bar, and code to allow the checkpoint name to be hyperlinked in the HTML and RTF output. CRVFData also has code for the progress bar, as well as code to break lines at hyphens in addition to spaces and has an extra formatting that takes too much time commented out. RVTable has a bug fix that corrected the drawing of a selection. And ForceHyperText was a routine that Sergey Tkachenko (the author of Richview) gave me to allow the hyperlinks to be followed with just a click of the mouse, not requiring the Ctrl key to be pressed.

It takes about an hour to carefully map my changes onto the new routines. The RVTable change was no longer required, since the fix was already included in the new routine.

The area of code to use the checkpoint name has changed somewhat and there I cannot simply insert my modifications. I’ll have to inspect it more carefully and see how it has changed. Maybe the functionality will no longer require my enhancement, or maybe it will.

The breaking lines at hyphens code has also changed. It has been implemented already for Unicode, but not for plain text. I can take out my Unicode logic now and include only my plain text logic. Sergey says he will add logic for plain text soon, but I’ll send my code to him as a suggestion.

Running out of time tonight. One quick look at how the Print Preview has improved. Oooh that’s nice. It looks perfect now. But I notice my Print Preview is modal (requires closing before anything else can be done) and I don’t like that. One quick change: frmPreview.ShowModal; becomes frmPreview.Show; and that’s fixed. The initial loading of the Print Preview does take a fair bit of time - maybe double the time that the formatting of the document does. I’ll have to take a closer look at that using my profiler and see if I can find a way to speed it up. Not tonight, though. Also, the Print Preview box is quite primitive. It may be good enough for version 1.0, but I should probably look at that again before the 1.0 release and see if anything can be quickly done. Otherwise it will wait until 1.1 and can be improved along with all the fancy printing options I want to add (double-sided printing, multi-page per page printing, etc.)

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