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Saturday, April 2, 2005 - Sat, 2 Apr 2005

Wow - What an effort!

I had to take bits and pieces from all sorts of sources to put together a web update that I like. The majority came from a free component called Live Update that no longer exists, but I had downloaded it several years ago. But there was so much I was doing that was different, it was like taking out the engine, rebuilding it, and putting it back in again.

A full two hours work was involved in finding a way to use some WinInet routine to get the size of an Internet file so that I can show a progress bar. I finally found, using Google, that needle in the haystack that showed me the right call: HttpQueryInfo(UrlHandle, HTTP_QUERY_CONTENT_LENGTH or HTTP_QUERY_FLAG_NUMBER, @reslen, buflen, tmp);

Finally I got it just about put together. With only a few tweaks to go in the web update, I cut a few components out by mistake, and figuring I’d be better off not saving and losing my last few edits, I exited Delphi. Whooops. It was 11:00 p.m. and my last save was at 9:30. I wasn’t happy losing an hour and a half of work, and I thought there were some things I did that I wouldn’t be able to create again. After 10 minutes of cursing, I sunk myself back into it and recreated what I had done. It took another 50 minutes (until midnight). This sort of thing happens every few months or so, and you’ve just got to live with it.

But the web update is just about done now. I have some testing and update of my documentation to do to include it and then I can deliver the point release.

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