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Saturday, March 26, 2005 - Sat, 26 Mar 2005

Had to make changes to the Info Box that comes on startup if you haven’t registered. Once you enter a trial UserID and Key, the next time you start Behold, it is not obvious that your trial registration is still valid and you may expect to have to reenter your UserID and Key each time. The new changes should make it more obvious. These changes will be made in a point release that I’ll make available in the next couple of days. Thanks to user Rich C. who pointed this out to me. I’ve also put a couple of Rich’s nice comments about Behold on the Behold home page, with Rich’s permission of course.

I went through 5 years of notes and papers in 2 binders that I collected with my plans for Behold and restructured them according to my Future Plans page. So now that page is more complete and will do for awhile. I still haven’t gone through a number of other sources of things I want to do that include:

  • Users suggestions from my survey and e-mail over the past 5 years and those that are now starting in the Behold Discussion Forum (2 binders).
  • Richview and Treeview ideas I’ve collected from their forums, sample files, and documentation (2 binders).
  • User interface design techniques, including those used in other programs (1 binder + 2 books).
  • Delphi components with useful functionality (1 big binder and thousands of sites on the web).
  • Ideas from other programs. (1 big binder).
  • Delphi techniques (1 big binder and a dozen books).
  • And last but not least: Things other genealogy programs do (6 binders and my Genealogy Software Links Page).

I guess I won’t be able to do all that tonight … unless tonight is 1000 hours long. But slowly I’ll go through it, bit by bit.

Finally, I spent a few hours trying to solve that menu glitch where the menu is drawn with a white background instead of gray on Windows XP. It does appear to be a bug in version 4 of Delphi that I am using. If I upgraded to Delphi 2005, it might be fixed, but I’m not ready to do that at this time. It would probably take a month or more to get everything working again. So, I’m looking for a way around it.

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