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Friday, February 18, 2005 - Fri, 18 Feb 2005

It’s amazing sometimes how one thing leads you to another - and sometimes in a direction you don’t expect.

I was working on my next thing to do, that is to install my e-mailer software. This will allow me to send out newsletters to those who are interested. The e-mailer software allows the user to choose whether they want to receive html e-mails (like webpages) or plain text e-mails.

So the first problem would be that I now have to create both types of newsletters to send out. I’d much sooner only create one and have the other easily created from the first. So I looked around the web for html-to-text conversion programs. There were quite a few and finally I found a shareware program called Detagger. I’ll try it out for awhile and if I decide to use it, then I’ll register it.

Then maybe I want to put both the html and text versions together into what’s call MIME format (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). Look around the web again. I found out that you have to be careful the way you put it together, that it might not work with many mailreaders, and lots of spam uses MIME so some antispam programs and ISPs mark it as possible spam. So forget that for now.

Then I needed to figure out what my newsletter would look like. Back to the web again to see what’s available. After a while, I found some basic templates that I like and decided to integrate the color scheme I’m using in Behold’s help file which uses pale blue and pale yellow panels.

This led me to look again at my Behold website style. Most of the Behold pages follow the style of my personal web pages with the Cyan color and standard font. The Behold Forum is a bit different as it uses some Arial font. This Behold Blog is very different with its own randomly generated pastel colors and Verdana font. Then my help file being built for Behold has different colors as noted above. Looks like sometime in the future, I should make these consistent. I like the pale blue and pale yellow panels and Verdana font so maybe I’ll go that way.

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