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Double Match Triangulator Version 1.3 - Mon, 12 Dec 2016

With the #RootsTech #InnovatorShowdown coming, and with DMT entered, I wanted to get one last update to DMT in while I could. You can get the new Version 1.3 here.

My realization of DM Theorem 1 (and Corollary 1) made me want to change the DMT overlap detection algorithm somewhat. Now each Triangulation Group would only be made up of Triangulated segments. Overlapping Double Matches would be put into their own Double Match Group.

So none of this (where the column in the middle mixes the green Triangulations  with the white Double Matches):image

But this instead:

which you can easily see is a significant change combining what previously were two separate Triangulation Groups into one as they should have been.

The reason they were previously separated was that a Missing a-b (non-triangulating match) did not overlap with the previous Triangulation endpoint, causing a break. Now that these are known to be on separate halves of the Chromosome, one should not cause a break in the other. This gives an immediate improvement to the determination of the Double Match Groups.

Missing a-b segments still might occur on both halves of the Chromosome. This algorithm can’t solve for that situation. But I’m hopeful that analysis of the breakpoint addresses might ultimately sort that all out. That methodology will likely have to be worked in many small little steps. So that can be a project for later next year, after RootsTech.

The other major change in Version 1.3 was to the People page. I hadn’t spent much time working with that page. So I only had it in a very plain text format:


But I had a lot of interest in it from various people, and found a few minor problems in it to fix. I added the Status column and now sort the matches so the people who Triangulate are first. And I made it look much nicer as well:


DMT now seems to work well and is stable, and I think I can wrap it up for the time being, and see how it’s received at the Innovator Showdown and RootsTech.

I need to take a break from DMT to get back to Behold. In my Triangulation and Missing a-b Segments post from August 30, I said “First to reassure you, I am back working towards finishing Behold Version 1.3”.  After I said that, I really did work on Behold for a few weeks until I decided that I should enter DMT into the Innovator Showdown. That has taken my spare time up to now.

Okay. That’s done. I’ve still likely got a few weeks before my own DNA test results come back from FamilyTreeDNA, so at the moment I’m not distracted by that. Let’s see if I can finish off Behold Version 1.3 prior to RootsTech. I’d really like to because one of the major additions are some DNA information that I’ll be adding that I don’t believe any other program has. I’ll be talking about this in a future blog post. I’ve got the framework already into my development version and now that I have more time each day to work on Behold than I had previously, I should be able to make good progress. Once that’s done, then the Everything Report will be complete and have everything needed.

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