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OGS 2016 Conference Blog Compendium - Sun, 5 Jun 2016

#OGS2016Toronto – These are all the blogs I know of that have posts about the superb conference I just attended in Toronto. I’m only including blogger posts, not the official conference site posts. If there are any I’m missing, please let me know and I’ll update this list.

Updated to include posts to 15 June 2016.

1) Louis Kessler on Louis Kessler’s Behold Blog

2) Lara Diamond on Lara’s Jewnealogy

3) John D Reid on Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections

4) Ruth Blair on The Passionate Genealogist

5) Cindi Moynahan-Foreman on My Moynahan Genealogy Blog

6) Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems

7) Judy Russell on The Legal Genealogist

8) Israel Pickholtz on All My Foreparents

9) Gail Dever on Genealogy à la carte

10) RFB on Our Family Shrub

11) Hank Cradduck on LTPhotoMan’s Website

12) Mags Gaulden on Grandma’s Genes Blog

13) Dan Heidt on WI Blog

14) Janet Iles on Janet the Researcher

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    "OGS Conference Blog Compendium by Louis Kessler on Louis Kessler's Behold Blog. Louis provides a list of blog posts from the OGS Conference."

  2. Canadian Week in Review 13 June 2016 - Genealogy Canada - Elizabeth Lapointe : Wed, 15 Jun 2016
    Louis Kessler, The OGS 2016 Conference Blog Compendium, June 7, 2016; (http://www.beholdgenealogy.com/blog/?p=1734: accessed 09 June 2016), Behold Genealogy.

  3. JGS of Toronto - Tweet : Wed, 24 Aug 2016
    BLOG: Great compendium of blogs from OGS 2016 Conference

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