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Monday, November 24, 2003 - Mon, 24 Nov 2003

The last few weeks have been real tough. I’ve been struggling with the implementation of the three buttons and allowing the cancellation of them in a consistent manner. In addition, my attempts to integrate this code into the LoadSaveOrganizeInfo procedure have totally complicated the code to the point that I almost don’t know what’s going on there anymore.

Well that is totally no good. Even what it does on the outside (which doesn’t even all work) is not easy to follow. I think I was too convoluted in trying to put customization and saving of separate organize info into all of the buttons in addition to the Behold file and to the default input that has its settings stored in the Registry.

The only real solution is to rip all of this code out and figure out what the complication is and implement the buttons in a simplistic way.

After a few hours of sadly removing the code, it seems that the easiest way to continue with this is to not make the buttons “sticky” after all, but just to have them apply their designated function to the loaded file.

Backtracking in programming is sometimes a necessary evil. But it is important to get it right.

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