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13 Genealogy Programs from RootsTech - Mon, 10 Feb 2014

At #RootsTech there were many vendors in the exhibition hall. I’m not sure what the total number of booths was, but it must have been close to 200. I think it took me over 6 hours to thoroughly go through the hall and talk to quite a few of the vendors.

I’m always interested in any new genealogy software that’s available. Every program has something that’s different and unique, and the types of new programs tell the direction new software is going.

So while wandering the hall, I made a list of the software that didn’t sound familiar, and then I checked them at GenSoftReviews to see which were new and which I had to add.

Here’s the list of programs I thought I hadn’t heard of before:


These are New Programs
They weren’t on GenSoftReviews.

1. Just Family – A shared photo library library and family journal. You can access your files from the web or on your iPhone.

2. Legacyshare - An online platform to capture, preserve and share your individual and family history. Currently in beta.

3. Photo FaceMatch - Helps you identify people in old family photographs and manage your photo albums. You can compare photos to determine the likelihood of matches to photos of known relatives. Finished 3rd in the RootsTech 2014 Developer Challenge. It uses the EclipseIR SDK (see below).

4. Halftale - An online site for collecting stories through collaboration of family and friends. It is like a blog that allows story collaboration with text, video, or pictures. This site is in beta.

5. Family.me – A private social network where families build their family tree and share stories.

6. Trunx - Record your life and stash it in private. Trunx lets you capture, organize and store photos and videos privately in the cloud, freeing your device to do all the things it was meant to do. Runs on iOS. An Android app is coming.

Adding those 6 programs to GenSoftReviews brings it now to 777 programs.

These were Already On GenSoftReviews
My brain freeze wouldn’t recall that I had already added them.

7. File Grove - “The Genealogy Digital Filing System” - Digitally preserves, organizes, and shares your family history files, images and documents online.

8. StoryPress - A free mobile application for iOS or Android that helps you make and collect spoken stories. The stories are then uploaded to the StoryPress website where they can saved and shared.

9. Puzzilla Descendants Viewer - Lets researches see descendants from FamilySearch’s FamilyTree using compact symbols that reveal patterns in collateral-line research. This program did not have a booth, but it’s Bill Harten’s baby (who is often called “the father of GEDCOM”) and it was on his card.

10. Saving Memories Forever - An iPhone app that helps you record your family stories with relatives as an MP3 file. The recordings can be stored online, categorized, private, secure, and permission based. This program won the RootsTech 2014 Developer Challenge.

This one was Not Available Yet (i.e. Coming Soon)
The vendors had a booth and were at RootsTech, but their products weren’t.

11. AncestorCloud – It’s going to be a social community for genealogists. They’re launching soon and if you sign up, you can be in their first private beta group.

These are the Ones That Fooled Me.
They’re not software or even online software, but a service:

12. RootsBid – “The Tool You Need to Dig Up Your Roots”. You can go there to hire someone to do some genealogy work for you. You post what you’d like done and optionally the amount you’re willing to pay, and people willing to do the work bid down to do your work.

13. EclipseIR – This is a company that makes identity recognition software. They provide various Software Development Kits for programmers to include in their programs. They do various tasks including intruder detection, facial recognition for photos or videos, search for individuals based on physical characteristics (hair color, height, clothes, etc.) as well as facial recognition on mobile devices.

So how many of these programs have you heard of before?

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