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Family Tree Tracker Magazine Coming - Fri, 16 Aug 2013

In October, an Australian publishing company, Citrus Media, will be publishing Australia’s first ever glossy genealogy guide.


This will be a 100 page magazine aimed at beginners and Australians, as a resource to help them begin their ancestry journey with advice on software, research resources, real life stories and more.

Here’s some of the content that was planned for the magazine (subject to change):

Genealogy 101
   20 Starting Points
   Birth, marriage & death certificates
   Join a society
   Genealogy website list
   Digital archive revolution
   Get Organized
   Power Hour (Research your can do in your lunch break)

Genealogy Software Reviews
   Family Tree of Confucius (2500 years old)

Aussie Aussie Aussie
A snapshot of 21st century Australia
   (Australia St, Population, Generations Defined)
   How to Speak Straylan
   Book reviews (eg Thomas Kenneally’s book “Australians”)
   Who Do You Think You Are? (SBS documentary series)

The Convicts

Migration map
   Founders & Survivors Project
   The Brits
   The Scotts
   The Irish
   The Italians
   The Greeks

Real Life
Ancestry success stories

‘When our soldiers fall on the field of battle, they earn the right to live forever.”
   The Lost Diggers of Fromelles
   Lost war medals


No Stone Unturned
(Use clues to unearth your history)
   10 clues to help you explore your ancestors
   Tattoos, Heirlooms, Medical, Certificate (birth, marriage), DNA testing, Diaries, Ship logs,

Secrets & Lies
How to deal with surprise discoveries like finding out there’s a felon in the family, or a child born out of wedlock.

Plan a family reunion
   Birthday milestones
   Baptism rituals
   Wedding trends

Follow the adoption trail
   Uncover orphan mysteries

Archival Survival
estoring vintage photos
   Preserve documents and textiles
   Creative ways with memorabilia

For the magazine, I was contracted to write the 8 page section of Software Reviews. The first page explains the information that is in the reviews. That is followed by seven pages with information on 21 programs, 3 per page. For inclusion, I selected the programs at my GenSoftReviews site with the most user reviews in the Windows, Mac, Multi-platform and Online categories.

image  image

I love the way the designers laid out my material. It is organized, easy to read and contains lots of information including a screenshot of each program. The GenSoftReviews user rating and some of the users’ Pros and Cons are summarized for each program. A banner on the top right corner of each screenshot displays the GenSoftReviews User Choice Awards that the program earned. I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.

The Family Tree Tracker magazine will be sold across 3,500 newsagents in Australia and may be sold online as well. I’ll let you know once the online link becomes available. Look for it this October. 

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