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3 Proposed Presentations for RootsTech 2014 - Sat, 22 Jun 2013

The RootsTech 2014 Call for Presentations is now accepting presentation proposals until July 8. From those proposals, speakers will be selected to present at RootsTech 2014 from February 6-8 in Salt Lake City.

I really enjoyed RootsTech 2012 when I went. They did not accept me as a speaker for that, but I was on the “Sources, Citations, MetaData” panel with Ryan Heaton, Robert Gardner, John Vilburn, Dallan Quass, Bruce Buzbee and Robert Burkhead. I also got to demo Behold once at the demo stage. 

I was not able to make it to RootsTech 2013 last March. I did watch what I could that was streamed. But I am hoping to go to next year’s conference. I would also like to present, if they’ll accept me. I think I’ve got three interesting presentation proposals that I’ve submitted:

1. 700 Genealogy Programs in Less Than an Hour

Are you aware of the variety of programs that can help you with your genealogy? If you’re just using 2 or 3 programs, or couldn’t name more than a dozen, then you’re missing out.

2. Windows Phone for Genealogists

Genealogists have been using the iPhone, Android and Blackberry handheld devices for years. But the new kid on the block is the Windows Phone. Find out what it has that’s different that might just make you switch.

3. Online A’s for Your Genealogy Q’s

As a genealogist, you have questions: how to best research something; how to interpret the data; how to organize it all; and how to get the darn stuff into your computer program. Here’s where you can go for answers.

Speakers selected to present will be notified by August 2.

So we’ll see what they say.

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