Open Again

Open Again
Now, select Open from the File Menu. The window above should appear.

Three Files

1. Three Files
There are now two .ged files (that contain the data), and a .bho file (which contains Organize Info for Behold).
The difference between the two file types is that if you use Behold to open one of the GEDCOM files, then the genealogy data will be opened and Auto Organized with default settings. But if you use Behold to open the Behold Organize file, then the genealogy data will be opened with a set of Organize instructions that has been pre-customized by you to your liking.
As described on the previous page, there's no reason why you can't have multiple Behold Organize files that open one GEDCOM file in many different ways. Just give each file a good descriptive name, like: "McCarthy family for cousin John.bho".
Just remember the usefulness of Behold Organize files. They can be used to open multiple files at once, organized the way you want.


2. Icons
If you associated both GEDCOM files and Behold Organize files to Behold (as described in the Associating Files section), then you will see the icons shown above. The Behold Organize file is given a slightly different icon so that you can tell it apart from the GEDCOM file.


3. Cancel
We don't want to open a new file now, so click on the Cancel Button to close the window.