Everything Report: Heading

Everything Report: Heading
At the top of the Everything Report is a Heading section. The heading shown here is a typical heading produced, but you can customize the heading to say what you want.

Main People

1. Main People
The main people of the report are listed. By default, Behold starts with the first person in the GEDCOM file and his/her spouse(s). Behold gives you powerful ways to easily change the main people (described later), but usually the first person is the one who is central to the data and is of most interest.
This selection of the first person to organize about is Behold's "Auto Organize" function. When you get someone else's GEDCOM, this functionality usually will allow you to immediately and easily see the important families and central people who are being researched.

Author and Date

2. Author and Date
Your name and the current date is included.