Editing Genealogy Data

Editing your genealogy data is the important ultimate goal of Behold that will be added when Version 2.0 is released.
I am really excited about this because I know it will be absolutely wonderful to work with! Behold will be like a  word processor customized for genealogy. You will type right into the Everything Report, and will have all sorts of tools and shortcuts to take hours off your data entry time.
So what will it be like?
Just to get a feeling, go to the Everything Report and click on some information about a person:
You can just start typing anywhere. You can select text, copy text (or Ctrl+C), cut text (or Ctrl+X), or paste text (or Ctrl+V). You can press the Insert key and go into Overwrite mode (the INS in the status bar will change to OVR) and press it again to go back. On the Edit menu you can Undo any number of edits (Ctrl+Z) or redo them again (Shift+Ctrl+Z).
That should show you the ease of data entry that will be available. And that is without any of the many speed-up functions for genealogy data entry that I'll be adding.
The important thing is that you are typing and updating right on your report. You'll be able to add new people, link parents to children, add events, edit dates, copy notes, document sources, globally change place names, add repository information ... and everything is done without leaving the report. Entering data into forms will be a thing of the past.
But again, I'm sorry. Right now you can manually make changes and print them and export them, but you can't save them. You'll have to wait until version 2.0 for that.