Open File Dialog

Open File Dialog
The Open File dialog allows you to select the file(s) to open. They may be GEDCOM (.ged) files or Behold (.bho) files. Behold Organize files tell Behold what GEDCOM files are to be opened along with how to display them.
Behold can open any number of GEDCOM files at one time, but you can only open one Behold Organize file.


1. Folder
The initial default folder used for the first time is the Behold Sample Files folder. After that, the last folder opened is shown. The dropdown arrow will allow you to select from previously opened folders.

File List

2. File List
All files in the folder matching the file type are shown. If you've associated .ged and/or .bho files to Behold, you will get the icons shown for these file types. Otherwise, your icons will be different.

File Name

3. File Name
When you select a file from the file list, it will be shown in the file name box. Or you can type into the box yourself (with autocompletion). The drop down arrow will allow you to select from previously opened files.

File Type

4. File Type
By default, Behold will show all Behold and all GEDCOM files in the file list. The dropdown arrow allows you to select from other options.