You can print any part or all of the Everything Report. The printout should look almost identical to how the Everything Report looks in the program. Major sections are separated with page-breaks so that each section will start on a new page.
To print a small part of the Report, select the text you want to print with your mouse.  To print everything, don't have any text selected. Then select File -> Print or press the Print icon on the toolbar, or press Ctrl + P.  Up will pop the Print dialog where you can decide to print all, certain pages, or the selection. See: Print Dialog.
You can Preview how your print will look prior to printing. From the menu, select File -> Print Preview. See: Print Preview Window. I do admit that the Print Preview window is kind of primitive, but it works. I'll add a better Print Preview in a future version of Behold.
Both the Print dialog and the Print Preview window will tell you how many pages you will be printing, so you can bail out if you think it is too many to print. However, Behold will print your data using less paper than other programs, because data is not repeated. Sometimes I still like a good old paper copy that I can put into a binder and take with me places when I research, give to family members without computers, or keep as a hard-copy backup.
Note that currently, you cannot select more than a few screenfuls of the Everything Report because the "screenful" is generated on the fly: it is not really there to select. For now, this will limit your selection size to a page or so. This will be fixed when editing is added to Behold in Version 2.0.