The Bottom Toolbar

The Bottom Toolbar

View Menu Buttons

Behold Organize Info - Opens the Behold Organize pages.
View GEDCOMs - Opens the input GEDCOM files in your default text browser.
View Log File(s) - Opens the log files with detailed messages about the input GEDCOM files.
Tile Top and Bottom - Put the TreeView on top of the Everything Report.
Tile Left and Right - Put the TreeView to the left of the Everything Report.
Text Size - Cycle through the allowed text sizes allowed in the Everything Report from smallest to largest.
Selected Tags / All Tags - Toggle between showing information for your selected tags and showing all information.
Everyone Else - Toggle between showing or not showing non-related people.
  Life Events - Toggle between showing or not showing the important events of people closely related.

Organize Menu Buttons

Reload - Regenerate the Everything Report using the last saved Behold Organize file, or if none, the original file.
Instant Organize -  Organize around a specific person/people. It has a dropdown containing past selections:
Add Family of - Adds the selected family to the Organize Families page.
Down From Ancestors - Orders people within families by descendant line.
Up To Ancestors - Orders people within families going up one generation at a time.
Descendants Only - Only shows the descendants of the the selected person/people.
Surname Order - Orders people within families by ancestral surname.

Help Menu Buttons

Help Contents - Opens the Behold User Guide and displays the First Page and Table of Contents
Behold Home Page - Opens the Behold website's home page in your default web browser.
Online Discussion Forum - Opens the Behold website's user forum in your default browser.
About Behold - Opens the window with information about Behold.