About Behold

This is the Behold information box that includes the version, license information, and link to the Behold website. It opens when you run the About Behold command. It will also open when the program starts for those who have not purchased Behold and entered their license key.

Your Version

This is the version of Behold that you are running and the date of that version.

Licensed User Information

2. Licensed User Information
When you first download Behold, the program is not yet licensed and you will see this instead:
You cannot run Behold until you enter your User name and license Key.  You can register online on the Behold download page to get your key emailed to you.

How Many Genealogy Programs PromiseThis?

3. How Many Genealogy Programs PromiseThis?

I Need A Name

4. I Need A Name
This is Behold's logo. Bright, cheerful, and so far unnamed.