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Notes, Notes, Notes - Categorized in: Feature SuggestionsFeature Suggestions

2 posts. Started 22 Mar 2005 by rwcrooks. Latest reply 22 Mar 2005 by lkessler. RSS 2.0 feed for this topic RSS
1. Rich Crooks (rwcrooks)
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Posted: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 Permalink
Handling looks pretty good.

But I would like to see Behold leave a blank line when there is a CONT tag with no data. Many people leave a blank line in the notes to make them a little more readable. This would probably increase the size of the report, but not greatly.

Also, PAF uses a couple of indicators in notes. These are ! and ~. When used as the first character in a note, ! signifies a general note, ~ signifies a private note. It would be nice if Behold could strip these characters from the notes.

I'm including an excerpt from one of my GEDCOMs that illustrate both tthe blank line and the ! indicator.

1 NOTE !You probably know by now that Jack Barron was up to visit me and we had a good time. We too
2 CONC k about a 500 mile trip and really had a lot of laughs. He sure is a grand guy and I look fo
2 CONC rward to some good times and laughs with him when we get home. By the way we took in the wa
2 CONC r trials while we were in Nurenberg. Yhey were really worth seeing. Especially the Criminal
2 CONC s. It was worth the while to see the Palace of Justice alone. Then to the town of Nurenber
2 CONC g is one of the hardest hit towns in Germany. They say that it is the only town that you ca
2 CONC n lay down on your stomach and see the whole town because there is nothing higher than tha
2 CONC t to stop or rather hinder your vision. But all in all we had a good time. We bumbed gass
2 CONC , meals and lodgings as we went along and did right well by ourselves.
2 CONT Source: Barron, Edward, "Letter from Edward Barron to Frank and May Barron (22 Feb 1946)"
2 CONC , (Unpublished, 1946)
2 CONT !Jack Barron passed away April 5, 2003. He was born January 19, 1924 in Detroit, son of Floy
2 CONC d E. and Elizabeth Davidson Barron. He graduated from Cooley High School. Enlisted in the U.
2 CONC S. Army and served in OSS (Predecessor of CIA), receiving an honorable discharge on October 1
2 CONC st, 1945. He graduated from Wayne State University. He is survived by his sister Shirlie Croo
2 CONC ks Shinn and his dear friends the Rev. and Mrs. Calvin Simpson in whose care and home he live
2 CONC d for many years. Also surviving are nephews Richard Crooks (son Steven), Douglas Crooks (dau
2 CONC ghters Mary and Tori), Aunts Virginia, Beatrice and Helen. His Cremains will be inured with M
2 CONC ilitary Honors at Arlington National Cemetery, Columbarium at a later date.
2 CONT Source: Obituary of Jack A. Barron, (Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan, 2003), Apri
2 CONC l 8, 2003 p 3B
2 CONT !Jack Barron is buried at Section 5-Y, Row 1, Site 4 in the Columbarium at Arlington Nationa
2 CONC l Cemetery.
2. Louis Kessler (lkessler)
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Posted: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 Permalink
I have not yet customized any of the GEDCOM tags at all. They are simply dumped verbatum right now.

I do know about the CONT and CONC tags, and some programs implement them differently. That will all be fixed and verified during alpha testing.

I am also familiar with the PAF conventions. Years ago I picked up a copy of "Family History Documentation Guidelines" by the Silicon Valley PAF Users Group. It describes their conventions in excruciating detail. Now that you mention it, I'll at least make sure that I handle their note indicators during alpha testing.


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