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Benchmarks for the Beta - Blog comment by davejo - 26 Aug 2009

weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Nearly there........whats the betting you release it while I am away 1st week of September Anyway,it will be going on my laptop,when the full version of Windows 7 is out,at present the evualation copy is in use,,I like it Dave

New Website Pages and Version alpha - Blog comment by davejo - 10 Aug 2008

wonderful work made me go and get WordPress, will add a review of Behold sometime soon Dave

Back to it - Blog comment by davejo - 22 Apr 2008

Louis I am so sad to hear your news, strange to say, my Mom was taken very poorly at the same time, a stoke, yet she bounced back, a tough old bird of 81 years young Bear up under the pressure and treasure those memories Dave