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Database Design for Genealogy Data - Blog comment by arnold - 24 Jul 2015

Louis, Having played with both Mysql & Sqlite, I can well understand - specially since I am not the one who has to do the work :-)

Database Design for Genealogy Data - Blog comment by arnold - 22 Jul 2015

Thank you for the latest version - haven't tried it much as yet, but I'd like to add a comment re you choice of database. As well for the good analysis if the state of affairs of some of the current apps. While I can see the attractiveness of Sqlite, it may turn out to be not the best if you ever are going ...

Literally Nothing From RootsMagic - Blog comment by arnold - 9 Jun 2015

Thank you, Louis. It is good to know it was something rather uncommon; just the same, it needs to be handled.

Literally Nothing From RootsMagic - Blog comment by arnold - 8 Jun 2015

My apologies for not being clear enough. My main interest was really whether you or anyone else ever found out where the problem originated. Was it RootsMagic (editing) or export or some cut & paste by the user (and then it would be good to know what application it was cau & pasted from - presumably ...

Literally Nothing From RootsMagic - Blog comment by arnold - 5 Jun 2015

I'd be curious what the specified file encoding was and whether the actual encoding agreed with that :-) Also it'd be interested if, where and how the issue was resolved - i.e. just a copy & paste problem, along with a loose GEDCOM output conversion?

Recording Your Reasoning (Proof Argument) - Blog comment by arnold - 1 Jun 2015

Curiously, I am just now also preoccupied with SOURces in trying to 'coerce' my app to make it easier to add/maintain/check the source linkages. One thing that seems a possible problem to me, based on my current knowledge of the GEDCOM standard: with SOURce records containing NOTEs and NOTEs containing ...

Is GEDCOM Good For Sources? - Blog comment by arnold - 24 May 2015

Looks like the book is still available, though I don't know how specific it is to PAF, which I no longer use actively. The group still seems to be active - judging by their calendar of meetings and events. See: By now I have a better idea of what I should do, but am often ...

Is GEDCOM Good For Sources? - Blog comment by arnold - 21 May 2015

Louis, I very much agree that support for sources have been reasonably well covered in GEDCOM - especially, considering when the standard was 'published'. The (very evident) problem is that the people who write/wrote the software and most of those who used it, were really only name collectors and either, ...

What's happening with FHISO? - Blog comment by arnold - 17 Mar 2015

After reading the blog & the comments, plus the recent post by Dick Eastman about PCs & Macs going the way of the Dodo bird and all the apps going to the 'cloud', I was wondering just how much incentive there is for anyone to work on a new standard. It would mean all the software companies would have a ...

Source Driven Genealogy - Blog comment by arnold - 24 Nov 2014

I very much second your (& Theresa's) thoughts and conclusions. Til very recently I have been using a couple of the conventional genealogy apps without too much (or at laest not enough) thought given to 'sources' etc. In collaborating with other family members, I realized more and more that it was not ...