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To Do- or Not To Genealogy Do-Over - Blog comment by uwem - 9 Jan 2015

Hi guys, I'm a bit astonished that you seem to believe that source-based genealogy is a new concept and/or trend. No serious genealogist (well, at least the ones I know...) would base his or her research on hearsay, assumptions or other people's GEDCOM files ever. The data available at the LDS is a good example, because it's unreliable for various ...

To Do- or Not To Genealogy Do-Over - Blog entry by lkessler - 7 Jan 2015

... it. If this is a digital source, put it in a new area on your computer organized in a source-based (not surname-based) way. If it is a physical source, place it in a new storage area organized by source-type and source. There are many ways to set this up, but that’s another topic for another time. And every new bit of research you do (and you are allowed to do new ...

Source Driven Genealogy - Blog comment by lkessler - 25 Nov 2014

Excellent Arnold. Of course, Behold does not yet have the editing and the source-based editing option in it. I've still not finalized it yet, but my current thinking is to have a split screen showing you the source at the top or bottom, and your conclusions at the bottom or top. But you can see in Behold right now, in the sources section, how the sources are ...

Source-Based Thinking - Blog entry by lkessler - 11 Nov 2014

It’s time genealogists stopped their conclusion-based thinking and started going source-based. Source-Based Document Organization Source-Based Data Entry Standardizing Sources and now Repository-Based To Do Lists (Do you think there’s a not-so-subtle theme here?) I advocate that everything ...

Standardizing Sources and Citation Templates - Blog entry by lkessler - 27 Aug 2014

... and de-emphasizes the importance of documenting your sources. An alternative is source-based genealogy (Kessler, Inventing Source-based Data Entry, 2013), where the source data can first be entered, and then the conclusions and facts that arise from the sources can be assembled. A future GEDCOM standard needs to allow both a ...

Source Driven Genealogy and Data - Forum post by klemens in Feature Suggestions - 22 Mar 2014

Source-based data entry is definitely the only way to go! Custodian looks very powerful, it may be too much for a smaller family history research. I'll install the demo. For power users, the traditional view of a big screen with many fields (and templates!) might be the best. But I've been ...

Re-evaluating the Future of Genealogy Software - Blog comment by klemens - 22 Mar 2014

... data entry is probably the most important point on your list. The big winner will be source-based data entry. There should be no other way to enter data than that, always describe what you've got as a source first and then describe the relevant info in it.

How many sources/citations is too many? - Blog comment by lkessler - 29 Dec 2013

... I'd say we're "diametrically opposite". The design of Behold is to eventually allow source-based data entry, which few programs do. I would not say I'm as interested in the "proof" side of it as I am in the documentation of where it came from. It may take two-steps: (1) get them to document their sources, and then (2) get them to prove their assertions. We're both ...

What Should Genealogy Software Do – Really! - Blog entry by lkessler - 28 Nov 2013

... ever implemented, I’d call it “Version 2.0”.   4. The software must allow Source-based data entry. You should be able to enter your source detail information by source without having to attach it to a person or people.   5. The software must correctly follow the GEDCOM standard for output and minimize its own custom data from that output that other ...

Inventing Source-based Data Entry - Blog entry by lkessler - 29 Jul 2013

... included once you add a source reference to an event, or alternatively (with source-based data entry),  you should include them when you enter the source information. One aspect of this that I’m really thinking hard about is how to make source-based data entry as simple and as efficient as possible. The trouble with ...