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Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise 10 Blog Compendium - Blog comment by rjseaver - 8 Mar 2016

No problem. Good job, Louis!

Genealogy Technology – Random Thoughts - Blog comment by rjseaver - 14 Aug 2014

Only a rant with regard to FHISO...and I've had the same feelings, but not brave enough to write them publicly. Thanks for all of the thoughts, good ones. Cheers -- Randy

Can Genealogy Software Be Rated Fairly? - Blog comment by rjseaver - 6 Jan 2013

No, I don't think that you are wrong. I think it's the best genealogy software ratings service available. I really like that you weight recent reviews more heavily than earlier reviews. However, the ratings are subjective - and therefore subject to the reviewers biases and experience. My guess is that ...

A Reply To Randy - Blog comment by rjseaver - 22 Nov 2011

Thank you for the cogent reply...I appreciate the comparisons of genealogy software with the first handheld device, and I think your comment is right on. I really do look forward to trying Behold! out to see if it is really much different from the other programs, if it is easier to use than the other programs, ...

More On RootsMagic - Blog comment by rjseaver - 20 Nov 2011

I'll be interested in seeing how easy it is to enter a source citation in Behold. I think that it is much easier to enter a source citation in the RootsMagic 4 templates than in Family Tree Maker 2012. It's also easier to enter a free-form sourvce citation in RM4 than FTM 2012. I like the RM 4 method ...

Build a BetterGEDCOM or learn GEDCOMBetter? - Blog comment by rjseaver - 5 Jan 2011

Excellent thoughts...I've had some of the same but haven't been able to elucidate on them as well as you have. From what I've read, I think the three biggest problems with the current GEDCOM standard is: 1) The lack of a way to attach media 2) The nuclear family structure. 3) The ANSI vs Unicode ...