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Getting Ages Right - Blog comment by meliasz - 3 Mar 2012

I like your ideas Louis. Will you be able to override too (make it store the date any way)? Every once in a while I need to enter a date that does not seem to make sense (and go back and fix the other prior dates).

Build a BetterGEDCOM or learn GEDCOMBetter? - Blog comment by meliasz - 24 Feb 2012

Thanks for leaving your comments on my blog post ( . I now follow you (and I also follow Tamura Jones -- I love his blog). I will follow-up with your cogent comment and try to passionately persuade you on my points! The answer is there between us. May I add that your view and mine ...

RootsTech Day 1 - Blog comment by meliasz - 24 Feb 2012

Louis, you and I were at many of the same RootsTech presentations -- pity we did not meet there, but I appreciate your comment to my blog (Exploring GEDCOM)!